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Green Leaves & Brownies

A Paradoxical Explanation of Cannabis Laws

A comic reimagination of a Dr. Seuss classic as a vehicle for understanding the paradox of federal versus state cannabis laws. This pitch-perfect parody was written by Melody A. Kramer, the award-winning author and lawyer who wrote the slightly irreverent "Why Lawyers Suck."


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About the Author

Melody A. Kramer is a trial lawyer and bestselling author who is on a quest to make lawyers useful again, or at least entertaining. Her first book - Why Lawyers Suck! Hacking the Legal System, Part 1" (also sold under the more politically correct, and award-winning title "Lawyers Decoded") - untangles the mysterious world of lawyers and gives regular people an inside scoop on why they act they way they do. "Green Leaves and Brownies" explores a fascinating area of law in humorous fashion.

Melody lives in San Diego with her daughter, also an avid writer, and two kitties who love chewing on book manuscripts.

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